iKEY Button Shortcut Click Quick for Android/OS (2pcs)

iKEY Button Shortcut Click Quick for Android/OS (2pcs)

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The purpose of this device is for it to be used as an extra physical button to perform quick switches and tasks instantly on the device without having to navigate through a complex menu on your phone or tablet.

This purchase does not include any software, and you will need to find, download, and install any compatible software that you desire to help assign the functions and actions to the button presses via Websites, Forums, or the Google Play Store.

This product currently supports application like Klick, 360, XiaoMi, Ukey and also the soon to be released Pressy Application to set the fast action button presses.It's also a cool dust-proof plug.

Compatible with most Android 4.0 or above devices via 3.5mm earphone jack.

Quite easy and simple to use; Set any shortcut you want.